WCC 2023 Announcement

Happy New Year, dear juggers!

In Spain, we get presents not just from Santa Claus on the 24th December, but also from the Three Wise Men on the 6th January – and this year, we got an incredible one: the first Spanish World Club Championship!

The Spanish Jugger Federation (FEJ) is happy to announce that we’re preparing the organization of the much desired WCC for the days 20, 21, 22 and 23 July 2023 in Eibar, Euskadi. We have secured enough facilities to field 72-90 teams spread across 3 football/soccer pitches.

Such a tournament has no precedents in Spain and represents a huge organizational challenge for everyone involved. For this reason, the FEJ has reached agreements with the Murcian Region Jugger Federation (FJRM) and the Aragonese Jugger Association (AAJ) to create the most competent and experienced TO team possible. Nonetheless, we’ll need the support of the entire Jugger Community to make this event a true worldwide success, so our usual channels (Instagram, Discord) are open for any volunteers willing and able to help the TO!

For us, this is a great opportunity to put Spanish jugger on the map not just for our competitive successes, but also for our unity and organizational abilities. We trust that all the participants in this endeavor will share our excitement and desire to work together, and that we’ll all pool together our strengths to make an excellent WCC.

Start counting the stones for the big day!

With our best wishes,

The Spanish Jugger Federation